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The Traditional Organic Brautheke ®

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Raw Material Preparation

 "Hops and barley are God´s grace"

Malt, hops, yeast and fresh water are the only ingredients approved for brewing by the German Purity Law of 1516. 

Essential here is consistency and high quality. In particular, the malt must be accurately and consistently milled for high yield and good filterability in the Lauter Tun. Pure top and bottom fermenting yeasts with specific fermentation properties are responsible for the carbonation, the taste and head retention of your beer. Hops add aroma and a fresh, slightly bitter flavour and the Lupulin (yellow aromatics) aids relaxation.

Local berries and herbs were used alongside German hops in the Middle Ages to flavour beer. In a few breweries, the most famous being the Pilsner brewery Pilsen (in the former Bohemia), hops did become the standard flavouring.

As part of our franchise, we will provide you with the raw materials exactly matched to the recipes:

If required we will happily install a 2 roller mill for those passionate landlords who would like to mill their own malt.