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The Traditional Organic Brautheke ®

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The Fermentation and Maturation cellar

Hygiene and freedom from infection are essential for high quality fermentations. Undesirable microbes must be kept out.

The stainless steel fermenting vessel is fitted with cooling zones, a CIP sprayball and pressure valve and the inside surface of the vessel is made to a very smooth finisch to aid this hygienic requirement. Great importance is placed on the reliability and excellent workmanship of the lager and maturation cellar in your Organic Brautheke® Brewpub Brewery. 

The fermentation and maturation tanks in your fermentation and maturation cellar are cooled using the integrated ice water plant using automatic cooling control.

The number of single and double brew fermenters - made from 1.4301 / AISI304 stainless steel - can be increased at any time to match increasing beer sales. This makes for excellent control and management of investment and income.