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The Traditional Organic Brautheke ®

Brewpub Brewery as a Franchise


Your Organic Brautheke® Brewpub Brewery includes a complete brewery to make unfiltered and filtered beer for your pub.

The operator is trained in all necessary brewing skills, so no expensive brewer is required. The brewery makes it easy to bring raw materials and has a simple disposing of spent grains and filtrates.

The addition of crushed malt and hops through the man-way of the mash and wort kettles affirms that the brewed is hand-crafted beer. The process automation delivers excellent value and quality, very low operating costs and very high earning power.

The plant will start automatically after a beer recipe has been selected and will then control all steps without need of major involvement from the staff.

The operator´s duties are usually limited to a few activities that will be of interest to the guests. This means tho operator is able to pay attention to the guests without being distracted from the operation of the plant.

The activities of the operator are generally...

in the guest room of the

Organic Brautheke® Brewpub Brewery:


in the production area of the

Organic Brautheke® brewpub brewery: