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The Traditional Organic Brautheke ®

Brewpub Brewery as a Franchise



Range of services and advantages of a

Brautheke® Brewpub Brewery:

Use of your own brand name possible: for example Gambrinus-Brautheke®, Rolands-Brautheke®, etc. (brand name subject to availability)

High-quality production and sales of beer brewed without your own brewmaster, so not burdening the host business. The licensee does not have to operate in an unfamiliar field as a brewer, so can concentrate on his own area of expertise, gastronomy.

Low production costs, can be operated by the waiter, high profit rate possible, low productivity threshold.

Service concept for the

Organic Brautheke® Brewpub Brewery:

Total support for the approval processes, equipment design, supply, installation, commissioning, remote monitoring, quality control, raw material supply, equipment supply including glasses and engraving, dispensing equipment, etc., supervision and production support by master brewer including for your Organic Brautheke® Brewpub Brewery.

Low capital outlay with fixed monthly repayments and production-related costs per liter of beer produced (rates adjusted annually using the general inflation factor). Delivery of raw materials is included. Purchase possible at the end of the contract period for the residual value or contract extension possible with cost adjustement.

5-10 year contract with optional integration of your own leasing or financial partner of leasing arrangement through BECA® Brauanlagen GmbH.

Development of own products possible: own beers, mixed drinks, bread from spent grains, etc.

None of the usual filter media wastes

Guests, groups, clubs, etc. can brew their own beer to order
to be ready on a specific date